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Term III starts. So whats new ?

Another term starts at IIMK.
There is definitely something funny happening here. And its not just me. People who were eager beavers when they landed here in IIMK in July last year, totally awed by the scenery and determined to do something big (read study 48 hours a day), are now just totally oblivious to the surroundings and as far as studies go, well, let me put this way - "Are you kidding? Who has the time?"

And I am really not kidding.At risk of stating an oxymoron, studies have quietly slipped to the
lowest rank in the pecking order here. Though I am certainly not one to shed tears for this welcome development, it does make me wonder if all of us seem to be missing some point somewhere in the distant horizon. Well, who cares.Really.

After two months of relentless cribbing and whining from our seniors, we, members of the exalted species called
juniors@IIMK, deigned to throw them a party. And a party it was. Booze and food literally flowed. Or did it?

Well, actually, the flow just disappeared in double quick time before I could even reach the drinks counter. Now whether this was because of the official excuse,not enough collections, or the real one, too many drinkers not paying up, is anybody's guess. I am not taking sides, you see. ;-)

Due to this unexpected operational glitch, the party ended much earlier than any of the previous ones and yours truly had to make do with a packet of Haldirams Moong Dal which, I came to know, is heavily overrated as a snack as well as a drink- substitute.

The benevolent and gracious people that we are, we took our seniors by total surprise, in fact quite a few juniors were surprised as well, by throwing another party for our seniors. Thankfully, the collections were a wee bit higher this time and so the grub did last a bit longer though the booze still ran out in double quick time. Something is leaking somewhere, fellas, mark my words!

This term we have this member of the exotic species called Lawyers as a visiting faculty from TAPMI, where he had his first interaction with the IIMK Batch of 2006 when team IIMK went there to participate in Atharva. That team IIMK won the next FIVE consecutive events to be held after that meeting is a testimony to the sheer ineptitude of other teams in the fray and the absolute need of the members of the team that represented IIMK to be kicked somewhere in the nether regions before they can galvanise themselves into action.

What I must give him full credit for is the way he has made the dullest subject, Business Law, into an exciting and extremely enjoyable series of sessions that I do not want to miss out on. That I have still missed out on 3 of those already is a tribute to my capability to sleep through almost anything, including ringing alarms, banging doors, exploding bladders and detonating nuclear warheads.

This term is quite packed with Arthanomics, the finance seminar and Backwaters 2005, our management fest, whatever that means.

Looking forward to having a good time, as usual.

ek mahine back dated post? is this a blog where you post history.. guess the report on backwaters 05 wud come by next backwaters ;but dated 1 feb 05 :P

whatz the point in posting in retrospect ;;)


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