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Of muggles & magicians in the maya bazaar

Backwaters 2005, IIMK's annual inter b-school management fest is here.

Scheduled to run over two days jam packed with events, it promises to be a spell of sustained anarchy. I am doing my two bits to add to the mayhem by joining Mayank and his team from MPower - the Marketing Student Interest Group at IIMK, and organising 4L -Maya Bazaar, the marketing game during Backwaters.

This game has an interesting history behind it. It involves teams being given a product for which they have to design a marketing and promotion strategy and market it so that their brand and innovative promos grab the mystic "top of mind" recall among the common Junta moving around the place.

In its previous edition last year, the teams were given commodities like condoms and sanitary pads.The teams started getting some really wild ideas and before you could say "billions of blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon", they had gone to town with some really wierd and even offensive publicity blitzes. I will not go into the specifics like the slogans they employed etc., suffice to say that a substantial chunk of the audience was well and truly embarrased.

Now Mayank had decided to do a sequel which, for the first time in the history of sequels, would be better than the original, not that it would take much doing, but thats besides the point. So just as true hollywood tradition goes, we had to add some sort of phrase to the original name to be a proper sequel. The hunt was on.

Mayank assembled a team that can match any other in terms of sheer commitment, ability to keep cool under pressure and professionalism. With Mayank "Driving Force" Agrawal himself leading the way and Pavan "Smile" Vyas, Nikhil "Professionalism" Khorana & Anurag "Commitment" Pandey following him, it was left to yours truly, Aditya "lazy bones" Chaturvedi to lend an air of credibility to this team by my marked laziness and absolute unwillingness to do anything properly at all. After all, an IIMK team cannot be JUST PERFECT, yaar !

Now I knew that with this line up we could not fail. We threw ourselves into the nitty-gritties with gusto and before long had changed the game enough to make it new while retaining enough of its original flavor to qualify to be called a sequel. With Pavan's imagination running amok, we had the magical theme running all through the game, with magical products, magician judges and even muggle participants!

With so much of wizardry in the air, the name Maya Bazaar was apt for the same and so the game was christened 4L - Maya Bazaar.

There is a huge amount of work that both the organisers as well as the participating teams have to do in this game.
Hoping that the Backwaters Committee doesnt schedule so many events simultaneously that the other games lose out on quality participation only because everyone is playing our game ;-)

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