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Placement Diary concluded...

Finally, a company decided enough was enough and picked the smartest guy in all the six IIMs for an internship. He, He, jyaada ho gaya lagta hai!

Our seniors kept warning us that irrespective of the company that picks us for summers and regardless of whatever area they claim to be offering us, it will be marketing research we will end up doing. As is quite natural, this generated a hatred of marketing research among even those students who intend to take up marketing as a major in the next year. And since, I have no intention of doing any such tom-foolery, I was really determined to take up my summer internship in a role that was as far away from marketing as possible.

Now, as people who seem to be lukkha enough to follow my travails in life would vouch for, Murphy's Law is an integral part of my life and hence I was picked up by none else than IMRB International, a company whose raison d etre is Marketing Research. Why am I not surprised ?

Looking hard for scraps of the proverbial sunny side, there is the decent stipend of of 7.5 grand and a chance to stay 2 months in Bangalore. And that has its OBVIOUS advantages. There was a time when I felt like blowing Mr. Muneer Suri, the IIMK alumni who came to campus to interview for summers at KSA TechnopaK, out of this planet because he was trying to fry my brains by not accepting any of my answers as correct or complete. But not anymore. I am grateful that he did what he did, coz I dont know what I would have done with Rs. 5000 in a city like Bangalore, the party capital of India.

This concludes my search for a summer internship. Time to re-create my resume for the Laterals and Finals coming up pretty soon.
Never hurts to be prepared.

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