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Midnight Oil and the impossibility of it all

Another term has flashed past and here I am, staring at yet another end-term exam, trying to figure out what, if any, learning or knowledge I have obtained in the past three months. And I realise, to my utter chagrin, that the answer to that question is - nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And this seems to be crystallising quickly into a pattern here. As term after term get completed, the tangible gains are nowhere to be seen. I am beginning to wonder if this is a pan-IIMK phenomenon or something is wrong with me. The chances that it is the latter are, of course, infinitely heavy. But I am not sure at all.

In the normal course of things, one would be expected to be hard at work, trying to mug up everything that might possibly be asked in the endterm, not a moment to lose. But I find myself unable to do so. Forget burning the midnight oil, proverbially speaking, I am not even lighting the lamp for studying. The questions about the futility of it all keep hovering in my mind, making any attempt at rationalisation well nigh impossible.

Is it possible that the whole concept of an MBA (or PGDM) from an IIM is nothing but merely an attempt by recruiters to try to minimise the risks in the huge gamble they take by homing in on the 1000 odd people who have shown enough mettle to make it after the toughest entrance test in the world?

That, having made it through, they do not have to do, nor do they actually do, anything to be selected for the plum managerial assignments on offer by corporate India?
That, even if they do work their butts off during their two-year sabbatical from the realities of life, it will not matter in the least bit?
That, it is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated under the miasma of value-added education?

Or, do I have so much free time on my hands that I am getting paranoid and cooking up conspiracy theories instead of doing something about that can of midnight oil?

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