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Is CAT enough for selection for IIMs ?

Me: Why are you spending 330+ each month on Airtel prepaid if your mobile phone usage is so low ? You should take the Escotel (now iDEA) dual sim offer.
She: How much do you pay?
Anurag: Minimum 130 odd. Rest on usage.
She: Mine is only for recieving calls and lots of SMS.
Me: Then you can go for the SMS pack. It will be even cheaper. Only 60p per SMS.
She: And what about incoming ?
Anurag: <ditto>

Tarun: MC grades are out ?
She: No, where are they ? They havent come yet.
Tarun: Someone told me yesterday that they will be coming day after tomorrow.
She: Hmmm, OK.
Tarun: Yeah, so they will be coming....
She: day after tomorrow !

What is going on here ??? The lady in question is a student here at IIMK. She makes me wonder if CAT and the subsequent GDPI are adequate for selecting students for IIMs or should a IQ test be thrown in somewhere to ensure that such fiascos do not occur. God help companies who believe in garages and companies which are demented enough to offer to sponsor our Movie Server if we mention somewhere deep down on a page on our pathetic excuse of a institute website that they have provided the server.

Hot Poll of the Day: Who is the lady in question ?
Winner shall be treated to a pizza along with myself, Ravi, Thakur and Baba by the lady herself. So start scratching yer heads.
Hint 1: She is grateful if you call her a girl.
Hint 2: First one to jump on stage even if not called.
Hint 3: Active member of international conspiracy to burn IIMK down by trying to set fire to the carpet on the stage during Horizons 2004.

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