Friday, October 15, 2004

Placement Diary contd...

Day 2

Another long day, one shortlist. Cleared GD, Flunked interview. This seems to be a trend now, I am afraid :-(

By the day's end a total of 77 students had been placed, the best showing by IIMK ever, kudos to PlaceCom.

I remain available.Please wish me luck, I need it.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Placement Diary contd...

Day 1

Things are slightly better. Shortlisted br three cos. The good news is that my dear friend Nitai Utkarsh, fondly called Baba, opened the IIMK Summers account in style, being offered an internship at PwC, the first one ever from IIMK. Yippee !!!

Appeared in 2 GDs, cleared both. Appeared in 3 interviews. Cleared 1, this one turned out to be the first of two rounds of interviews :(, flunked the other two. Flunked the 2nd round of the former. Net score - Zip, Nil, Nada, Shoonya,Nyet, nothing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Placement Diary

Day 0

Its 2 in the night and the day doesnt look like getting over in a hurry anytime soon. Interminable rounds of GDs, Interviews, more GDs, more Interviews, Gawd !

Its pure unadulterated chaos all around despite the best efforts of the PlaceCom. I have not been shortlised by any of the Day 0 cos. so the suffering is doubled since I am forced to sit through the PPTs of all the companies so that the company thinks that the entire institute is interested. What the hell ! Who do they think they are fooling ?

The last PPT of the day (or is it night) is over now which means I can go back to my room and crash, which I am gonna do, right away. Good Nite.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Summers And Monsoons only at IIMK

I am back at my vacation resort atop twin hills in Kunnamangalam in Kerala after a gruelling break for 10 days for some really exhausting work(refer to the blog entry before the one before this one).

It feels slightly odd after the break. I never thought I would say this but I actually kinda miss the pace, the mad rush from one deadline to another with no respite in sight.
The classes have already started but it just doesnt feel the same. There are no cases to make notes of, no assignments to submit, no presentations to prepare, not even someone's behavior to study. Hey! I want my fees back!

We are gonna have some real tight taskmasters this term, or so I heard. A certain Mr. Saji Gopinath heads the list. Once he was so happy of our seniors that he gave them a series of assignments with one submission every 12 hours or so. Sweet fella, it seems.

We will of course, have our beloved GC, with us again, for OR, and he will be teaching both the sections this time, to boot. Oh goody! The good news is that there will be no IT this time, while the bad news is that we wont have STI as well. I dont know what dear Pavithra will do. Someone get her a Valium, she surely needs it.

This term is also going to be special since we will also have the process of Summer Placements. The first round will have four slots with about 25 companies vying for the top talent in the country (!?!). I dont think I am gonna make the cut in this round unless one of the BPO companies decides to reward loyalty but thats wishful thinking.

Anyway, I am not quite worried about the summers since I am told that everyone does get placed eventually. Its the finals that might be a tough one. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Best to luck to myself for the new term.

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