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Organisational Behaviour and Dhoom

If you want to talk to me, try not to keep it on Saturday. I'm kinda busy that day, thank you. We have a OB Midterm at 9:30 in the morning followed by a QM Case presentation (where its my turn to represent my group, gee) at 2:00 in the afternoon. And if that is not enough, there is the small matter of a MM Case Analysis to be taken to class at 8 PM. 8 PM !?! Didn't I read somewhere about that being illegal ? Maybe I did but I guess the Prof. did not :(

I am well on way to being fully prepared for both the major assignments of the big day, though. Yesterday, ie Thursday, night, I set down to take care of QM so that I have the entire Friday for OB. But as luck would have it, with this thing and that, it was midnight with nary a glimpse at the damned textbook.

No fear. I have the entire night in front of me. So I trotted off to the night canteen where I proceeded to consume another 1.5 hours having, ummmm, fun, what else. Back to the room, start all over again. Barely 10 minutes into the book and Nitin Menon saunters into my room, we shoot the breeze till 3.30 in the morning. I teach him how, exactly how, to take a good snap with a digicam while he teaches me, huh, nothing !

A quick trip to the loo later, I am back to QM. Another wretched and torturous 2 hours later, I decide I have had enough and pick up the OB book. I am studying real hard. 9:10 AM and Mayank wakes me up to go for breakfast. Well, I guess I must have finished QM before sleeping last night (or was it morning, grr, whatever) but I'll be damned if I know.Breakfast over, I apply myself to the OB textbook from 9:45 onwards. Nitin wakes me at 11:20 asking me about the QM case.

A splash of water on the face and I am ready to hit the books, in this case the OB one, again. Nitai,aka Baba wanders into my room at 12:45 looking for a piece of paper to write down the address of the Calicut office of someone to whom he owes close to 4 grand. His entry disturbs my peaceful slumber. Well, you get the drift. Tired by the strain I have put myself through, I decide to take up Nitai's offer of going to town for a movie. Within a matter of 3 minutes, I am ready and perched behind Nitai on his bike, flying towards town. I am preparing real hard.

The trip to town could not be unenventful as I was a part of it and so it started raining about halfway and kept raining until we had reached the safety of the rather ambitiously named CROWN theatre. Tattered seats, gloomy lighting and a slightly off-centre crowd combined to create an ambience that was not exactly suited for watching a movie. Bring our wet butts into the equation and you can imagine our sorry state.

Despite the initial apprehensions however, we enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Abhishek Bachchan brings an intensity to acting that only his dad, the Big B himself, could bring, and along with the vivacious Rimi Sen manages to steal the thunder effortlessly from both Uday Chopra and John Abraham. Uday, in the role of a bike enthusiast and stolen bike dealer turned police informer and more, manages to hold his own spewing dialogue taken straight from the gullies and lanes of Mumbai. John Abraham, the uber-cool thief, remains stone-cold and passive. Acting is something that this gentleman is still not quite aware of. Isha Deol,( ooh that babe! Dont tell me its her !!! ) transforms herself completely and is set to give a tough fight to the Yanas and Katrinas of Bollywood.

The title track by Tata Young that forms the backdrop of the credit roll at the end is quite peppy and should have included in the movie itself,in my humble opinion. Directed with panache for most part, Dhoom is a commendable effort at bringing style and pace to Indian movies and should do well, again in my humble opinion. Go watch it !!! Dhoom Macha le.. Dhoom machale ..Dhoom !!!

P.S. I still have an OB test tomorrow. I am prepared.

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