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Of World Peace, eradicating Global Poverty and dozing in Class

Well,Well,Well. It was threatening to happen for ages now and it finally happened. The much awaited Campus Monitor 24x7 went live on 1st September,2004. What is CM 24x7, you ask? Well it is our own inhouse, tabloid. The inside masala, sauted in masala and garnished with, what else but even more masala. Being inhouse, its not available for the outside public.

Now these enterprising folks, canny that they are, decided to open with a bang. Couldn't quite manage it in the end, but it was a crackle nevertheless. For their inaugural edition, they deployed a team of ace spycamsters., ala tehelka and Murphy's Law being Murphy's Law, and my luck being my luck, I was framed, in extreme comfort, away from mere wordly matters like classes,as you can see in the snap below. It was a Statistics class, ere you ask..

Now there, let me put the record straight.I DO doze off in class occassionally. But, and this is a HUGE but, I am nowhere in the league of extraordinary gentlemen AND Lady. Names like Prashant, Nitin, Pavithra spring to everyone's lips if you poll them about the sleeping beauties in section A. I found it extremely odd that our home-grown tehelka team picked out the small fry, just like the original Mssrs. Tejpal & Co.. So much for journalistic accuracy and balanced portrayal of facts.

Now Adi being Adi, I can certainly not allow you to be deprived of the publication in question and hence
here is a plagiarized copy of the original page. Nice Pose I must Say !!!

One thing I must admit, though. If you just look at the snaps of the three contestants, the winner is pretty obvious by far. Unfortunately, thats me. Hence, despair not, my worthy fellow competitors, thine turn shall come, sooner than later.

Until then, in true pageant traditions,in the interests of world peace, eradicating global poverty and ending discrimination, racial or otherwise, I humbly accept this honor and vow to maintain and continue its glorious tradition. Thank You!

Note: There's a party supposedly in celebration of my coronation, later tonight. Lets Rock !!!

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