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of Honda City & other such bikes

Finally we couldn't push it any further. We were supposed to do a Market Research based project as part of Marketing Management curriculum and procastinator of the first order that I am, we kept postponing it. Not any more, it had to be done and NOW !

Well, if rape is inevitable, you might as well enjoy it. So our group of 6 warriors set out after class to try to elicit some answers to what goes on in the minds of the Indian consumer when he makes a purchase decision. Why we can't haul one of those buggers in and pry their brain apart to figure it out is something that beats me. Its better than asking senseless questions any day.

India being India, law being the law and me being the not so fortunate, market survey it had to be. We split up into two groups, Nitin with Somas, covering the nearby Kunnamangalam area, since Nitin supposedly was a local and hence could converse in the local '
Jalebi -
' lingo, and myself with Kanav, Anurag and Mayank taking care of NIT (formerly REC, Calicut). That Nitin is not half as capable as we thought is something we learnt much later, at our expense, I must add.

We started off merrily at 4 in the afternoon from our lofty perch on top of the twin hills. 15 minutes of walking in the hot sun on winding roads later, we realized that the hills might, just might, qualify to be called mountains. We weren't even in sight of the main gate at the bottom. Just to make it stand out in perspective, someone remarked that its a long way AND its hot. Oh,
my kingdom for a crowbar to mangle the bugger's brain !

Took a bus to NIT and surprise, surprise reached there without incident. We split into two groups to cover maximum ground in minimum time. Myself and Kanav stormed the canteen in hope of finding a dozen easy bakras, only to emerge sheepishly. Not a single soul was present apart from the owner of the place and the staff. Auspicious start to say the least!

Rambling on in the huge and heavily wooded NIT Campus, we were wondering if something was terribly wrong with the place. Not a single soul could be found anywhere, not even in the playing fields. How can this possibly be an engineering college? Aren't the techies of the future supposed to be obsessively involved in sports of all hues?

After running umpteen circles around the campus, meeting up with our ole' buddies Anurag and Mayank in the process, we finally ran into a group of students headed towards the fields for a game of football. Oh Jesus,
manna from heaven !

Poor guys didnt know what hit them. Fending off questions hurled at them from all sides, the hapless souls put up a stirring fight and a gruelling 25 minutes later we had our very first set of responses to our marketing research questions. Hip Hip Hurray !

Confidence restored, we set about in search of more prey and duly found a entire pack of them outside the 3rd and final year hostels. A hectic 90 odd minutes later, we were the proud, not to mention relieved, owners of 22 survey responses. By then we were bushed and decided to call it a day.

Famished by the constant jaw-jaw, the three musketeers and band-master (Kanav) piled into a rickshaw and headed for Lovely, a food joint recommended by many guys in NIT. The menu painted on the board was a sight for sore eyes,err tummies. Matar Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Alu Gobhi and more, it couldnt possibly be true !!!

As it turned out, it wasn't. Only Poori Chhole was available. Well, something is better than nothing. We ordered the same and suffice to say that we ate food after 2 months in Calicut. Another disneyland ride in a bus for 20 minutes and we were back at IIMK.

Survey sidelights -
Name 2-3 bikes.
- Hero Honda Fazer, Honda City, Bajaj Libero.

Who is the brand ambassador of TVS Victor?
- Not me !
- Amitabh Bachchan (Big B better watch out. He seems to be associated with every product under the sun. How about running a campaign just claiming that he is NOT endorsing it ???)
- Govinda (Virar ka chhokra riding executive bikes, hmmm, food for thought)

How do you feel when you ride your bike?
- Lousy
- Suicidal
- Sleepy
- Dhirubhai Ambani
- Riding.(Bike)

Which were your previous, current and future(if planned) bikes?
- RX 100, RX 100, RX 100.
(damn, its not even available anymore ! )

Eye Openers, I must say !

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