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Night canteen, CD burning,Calculators & Corn Flakes

The last few days, or nights, hey, does anything called a night even exist in IIMK ?, have gone by in a blur of submissions, projects , case presentations and assignments and here I am, bang in the middle of the End-terms.

The significance of the endterms seriously and the degree of preparation is deserves is not lost on me. But, and a well qualified but it is, how can I fit in 240 hours in a day ?

Son: Hello
Papa: Beta, kaise ho
Son: Papa, achcha hoon, abhi time nahi hai, end term hai kal se.
Papa: Achcha Achcha, to preparation to ho gayi hogi?
Son: Uska time nahi hai, abhi to Marketing ka project poora karna hai, Bye.

It was 12:27 in the night when my group's marketing project was over and I burnt the CD for the same on my computer.(We are high tech folks, submissions in Virtual Classrooms and burnt on CDs) All of us split and retired to our rooms to study for the exam next morning. At 2:10, Mayank comes running to inform me that he has left something in his folder on the CD that ahem ahem he should not have.

Another CD burning session, after checking that no one else has done something similar. Our night canteen timings have been extended to 3 AM from today so we decided to inaugurate the extended timings and trotted off to have a cupful of java, err that was just for the effect I dont drink the coffee there, as I prefer tea.

Its 3:15 and nothing accomplished as yet. Back to Kotler, the Bible of Marketing Management, for the next one hour, at the end of which I realize that I dont remember anything of the first three chapters I have read just 15 minutes back. Futile exercise, best not done, period. Better invest in a little sleep, at the premium it is, than indulge in this senseless act of indulgence. Sweet dreams.

Woken up by Mayank. Off to class after a quick bowl of Corn Flakes please note the emphasis. Ready to tackle the case, that we know will be there, and the much awaited numericals fingers poised on calculators we read the paper to find out that no such questions exist. Dear old Panda, the cute & cuddly one, has delivered yet another googlie and we are clean bowled,yet again, When will the aussies ever get the hang of Bhajji's spin ???

Q.Explain various types of branding -
A. Name based - Kelloggs'
functional - Corn Flakes
Name & functional - Kelloggs' Corn Flakes

What do I do, cant think of any suitable example apart from Corn Flakes.

It was a 3 hour paper but when I had a quick panoramic scan of the class after 1 hour, I found about everyone staring into the horizon. Reassured that I am not a misfit, I quickly wound up my admittedly feeble attempts at answering the questions and was the first one after exactly two hours. I thank Panda for allowing me the luxury of sleeping for an hour more than I could have otherwise. Muchas gracias ! Segnore.

Tomorrow is International Global Day and we will celebrate it in a manner that befits the grandeur of the occassion. Three Global subjects lined up on the same day, viz STI (thats SOCIAL transformation, not Sexual) OB & IT. Reams after reams of inane senseless gas will be recorded and consigned to posterity. I will solemnly contribute my share to this piece of history.

But for that I need to have a peek at what exactly those subjects mean, whether there are any books that were provided for them, and if so, do we have to study the books. Let me find out.

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