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Just a few things to do..

Finally, its over ! Yes I'm referring to the endless series of swallowing and puking euphemistically called the end-terms. Within the next one hour we will be off to the railway station to catch the Netravathi (sic) Express to go to Mumbai. Yippeee !!!

For the next ten days, we are supposed to have fun, let our hair down, forget the stresses of the first term, relax, catch up on lost sleep, meet friends, rejuvenate our tired bodies & minds, get up to date with the happenings around the world, read up everything that happened in the world of business, bone up on corporate lingo, mug up Kotler, check email and forward CVs for any company that happens to decide to descend on our humble campus if only to make up the numbers, and of course come back fresh and rejuvenated to take on the challenges of the even more gruelling second term. Yeah rite !

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