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Train from Pakistan

A few students from the distinguished B-School from across the barbed wire, ie the border, LUMS - Lahore University of Management something descended on our till then quiet and peaceful campus.
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Behold the transformation! Erstwhile rational and laidback elephants metamorphed into roaring tigers overnight. Bending over backwards to ensure that the honoured guests had a Good Time, almost the entire male student body of this esteemed center of learning had both their feet squarely in their collective mouth as act after act of servile humiliation unfolded in front of the mostly amused guests' eyes.

The sheer lack of self-respect had me wondering about a lot of things, all to do with the sheer magnitude of hypocrisy that we Indians indulge in on a routine basis. The happenings on campus for those 3 days ranged from the comic to the absolute farcical.Here's one of them.

Here at IIMK we have this glorious tradition of kicking any birthday boy's butt at midnight, just to welcome the big day. Well the few of us, who are lucky enough to have theirs' fall during vacations thank their lucky stars, and their parents,i must add. However an enterprising senior, sensing his golden opportunity to woo the Paki damsels en masse declared that he will be celebrating his birthday on the next day, thus effectively inviting everyone to take his ass, literally. Sheer exhibitionism at its masochistic best. The entire student body took him a wee bit too seriuosly, in my humble opinion, and kicked the crap out of him. Even we junies were not to be left behind in celebrating our beloved senior buddy's coming of age.

All this left me wondering, what exactly are we trying to prove here, that we have still not got over our juvenile tendencies? That entertainment, and celebration, for us has dipped to levels as low as kicking butt? That we, the people with a culture that goes back thousands of years, have evolved to a point where holding a guy in mid-air while making a football out of his sorry ass is the most extreme form of entertainment we can showcase to our guests ?
Why did this happen? Whats wrong with us?

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