Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Tools of Torture

Here at IIMK in term ONE we have 8 subjects -
IT Concepts in Mgmt
Managerial Accounting
Social Transformation of India
Quantitative Methods for Business
Marketing Management
Micro Economics
Managerial Communication
Organizational Behaviour
(strictly in order of preferance)

My thoughts on the faculty for the same will be expressed once I am through with them ;-) Some of them are god-awful while others are downright brilliant. Exactly who fits where, wait and see.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Hostel Life

Our homes for the next two years at pretty good. With single accomodation and piped internet (ah nirvana!!!) there isn't much that you could ask for.

I had to sleep in the wilderness for one night since my room was full with all kinds of stuff. Thankfully it was cleared by next evening and I was able to move it. The nice thing here is that you dont have to worry about cleaning etc. since a couple of cleaning guys show up every alternate day for the same.

There are 5 hostel blocks as of now and two more are under construction. We have 120 guys/gals in our batch and intend to take in about 180 next year.

Mere words cannot do justice to the sheer beauty that lays all around our campus. Here is a glimpse of what we are priviliged to savour every morning.

Our seniors have been fabulous in all respects. Totally chilled out, they've been kind-hearted enough to help us smoothen out all wrinkles before classes starts. Thanks senies!!! We owe you one.

PS. Maybe its because as a batch we are senior to them in terms of work experience, he he.

What's all this about and why

Hi all, if you have a look at the URL, you can see that this is a weblog ,or blog in short. Meaning that it is supposed to contain some pretty idiosyncratic, highly personal opinionated "facts" (as my dear friend Kiran would say).

What is this indiaGenie?
Well, indiaGenie is
Aditya Chaturvedi,
B.Sc., - Physics, Mathematics & computer Science. The marksheet mentions those subjects. Please do not assume I studied those. My interests were focussed on something more human, both in nature and form ;-)
M.A. (Final), - Economics (surprise, surprise..I sure as hell don't score well enough in Micro Economics here at IIMK to believe that)
MBL (that's Master in Business Law)(Prev.)- again pretty incredible, esp. Considering that its from NLSIU, B'lore.
Disclaimer: Do not take any of these degrees seriously. I don't !!! If you need more reasons then you are welcome to have a look at the marksheets of the same. All your delusions about my grandeur will vanish immediately.

Currently trying desperately to stay afloat in a deluge that threatens to drown, in other words,
engaged in the rigours of Term ONE at Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode fondly referred to as IIMK.
(the railway station mentions the name as Calicut in English and Ko-sh-shi-kode in Hindi, funny. And whats more, the locals tell you that the name is pronounced as something similar to Ko-rr-i-kode!!! Then where does Kozhikode come from, french??? And what the heck, why cant we stick to Calicut ??? )

And so shall it be. I will post anything that I feel I need to let out of the system. At the same time it will be my medium of communication to my friends, and foes, outside of IIMK.

Why Now? You should have started it earlier.
I agree entirely, however there was a practical constraint. The purpose for this blog, as far as I am concerned, is to be a blotting pad for all my thoughts, ramblings, musings, ideas, frustrations. That could not be served until and unless I had access to this blog night and day which is something that I have managed to secure only now by way of a computer in my own room.

Will you be posting everyday?
Certainly not. Primarily because I don't get the time to think, ramble, muse, ideolize, get frustrated everyday. Heck, some days I am lucky if I can find time to breathe !!!
Not that this perpetual state of busy-ness helps or achieves anything but we sure as hell keep going.
Kindly don't expect to see daily or even regular postings. Sorry about that, but I would rather not commit to something like that and then be unable to keep it.

What will you be posting or rather, not posting, about?
Everything that I think affects me, forces to think or "reflect", as a STI Prof. here would say, is likely to find a place here as well.
As far as things that I will not be posting about go, I am highly unlikely to use this blog as a mirror of events, happenings and activities on campus for the very good reason that my good pal Nitai Utkarsh is doing a terrific job of the same in his Blog here. It will be very personal and will reflect happenings the way I see them, which might not be the way they actually happened or the way others percieve them.

When do....
No more questions, let's get on to business. So here goes my Blog. Enjoy!
Don't forget to comment on any post as and when you feel like.

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